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Fulani Jihadist at it Again! When will this Mayhem Stop?

It has been reported that three villages around Godogo town, in Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State in Nigeria, were invaded by gunmen suspected to be herdsmen, leaving 11 people dead and injuring scores and torching parts of the village. A source from the village informed Vanguard that six men and three women were killed at Gada Biyu, while two men were killed at Akwa’a, with ongoing shootings at Anguwan Anjo at press time. The source said: “Herdsmen invaded Gada Biyu, 2km from Godogodo early Monday morning, they started shooting and burning down houses. People fled in different directions. However, the Police were quick to arrive and the invaders fled into the bushes. “When they left, four corpses were discovered the following day, after combing the bushes, five more dead bodies were found, among thee of whom were women.

It is disheartening that this madness is going on unabated. I actually witnessed the beginning of the conflict during my recent visit to Nigeria. The government knowing that the Fulani Jihadist will certainly galvanise support to unleash mayhem on the indigenous Christian community, should have taken preventive and counter terrorist measures to stem these callous acts. On the other hand, I wonder why the Christian communities would not resort to self defence since it is obvious that the Jihadiists are having a field day because they seem to enjoy barking from the authorities covertly or overtly.
And since the issue of grazing reserves has been rejected by all the Christian communities why go ahead with the plans. I hope the governments will see reason to create ranches instead of reserves.
The statements made by one of the victims are no doubt the truth of the intentions of the Jihadist. “We believe that the motive of the attackers is to displace us and take over our lands. In Anguwan Anjo, our surprise is that the Hausa settlers there did not run away. There is a river there full of fish and we fish with them. “Also, since we heard that our villages have become part of Sanga Grazing Reserves, we have not known peace.

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