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If any one expected anything different from the security meeting which was held in President Buhar’s office yesterday, the outcome is detestable and pathetic. It is a clear perpetuation of impunity, reckless ineptitude and nepotism. It leaves one with no doubt that thiis government is complicit in the killings by Fulani Jihadists. Will this government ever take any responsibility for their inaction, failure and neglect?

How can you blame victims of barbarous killings when the perpetrators carry out their heinous crime and organised genocide with impunity? There is no doubt that the killings predate the antigrazing laws.

It is common sense to say that the government of Benue State took a courageous and right step to protect the lives of the citizens. This shows that, unlike the federal government, Governor Ortom has taken the security and welfare of his people who voted him into office seriously.

The duty of every government is to protect the lives and properties of its citizens. However, it does appear that Buhari’s government has no regard at all for the sanctity of Christians lives. This also shows that the Fulani Jihadists enjoy the backing of this government.
Anti-open grazing law behind Fulani herdsmen killings – Nigerian government
Anti-open grazing law behind Fulani herdsmen killings – Nigerian gover…

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