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Is Britain a Christian Country?

I believe that the Prime Minister David Cameron made a bold statement during his 2015 Christmas message by referring to Britain as a Christian country with values patterned after the life of Jesus Christ. It is heartening to know that some politicians can make such bold statements without any apologies or fear of offending people of other faiths, agnostics or atheists.

It is an indisputable fact that the history, culture and language of Britain have over the decades   been guided and influenced by Christian ethos.

David Cameron said “And that is what we mark today as we celebrate the birth of God’s only son, Jesus Christ – the Prince of Peace,” Cameron also said being Christian made Britain a country tolerant of all faiths. “As a Christian country, we must remember what his birth represents: peace, mercy, goodwill and, above all, hope.”  “I believe that we should also reflect on the fact that it is because of these important religious roots and Christian values that Britain has been such a successful home to people of all faiths and none.”

In these uncertain times, the least European nations and leaders can do is to declare that their nations are rooted in Christian values.

If China and North Korea can boast of being communist countries, while Pakistan, Saudi, Iran etc. openly declare that they are Islamic countries why should Britain or any western country be ashamed of its roots.

The Prime Minister’s remarks were said to have been criticised by the National Secular Society, saying it was “disappointing to see the Prime Minister again pushing the divisive rhetoric of Britain being a ‘Christian country’ “.

I totally disagree with the stance of National Secular Society as research has shown that other minority religions such as Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims do not have any concerns with politician referring to Britain as Christian country.

The Conservative MP Gerald Howarth, has this to say regarding the so-called   “divisive clash” is being created between Christian and new-found ‘British’ values. “I am therefore delighted that today, as he has done before, the Prime Minister has reasserted his belief that Britain is a Christian country.  The Christian faith is woven through every part of our society.  16,000 churches populate our towns and villages, 26 Bishops of the Church of England sit in the House of Lords as legislators and Christian prayers open every day’s proceedings in each House of Parliament.”

Religions in the UK:

  • Christians: 2010: 64%, 2050: 45%
  • Muslims: 2010: 5%, 2050: 11%
  • Hindus: 2010: 1.4%, 2050: 2%
  • Jews: 2010: 0.5%, 2050: 0.3%
  • Buddhists: 2010: 0.4%, 2050: 0.9%
  • Folk religions: 2010: 0.1%, 2050: 0.3%
  • No religion: 2010: 28%, 2050: 39%

Source: Pew Research Center

Statistical facts and historical as well as cultural monuments speak for themselves much more than swathe of opinion driven by humanist agenda.  “Since as recently as 2001, 72% of people in England and Wales identified themselves as Christian whilst in 2011 that figure had fallen to 59% and “whilst our church services tonight will undoubtedly be well attended, routine church services see dwindling congregations, there are exceptions such as the growing black churches” why can we not refer to Britain as Christian? The influx of Eastern Europeans, many of whom are Christians, is no doubt boosting the numbers of Christians in the UK.

If scientific thinking is buttressed by observable empirical evidence and statistical data, why should the National Secular Society not allow facts to speak for themselves about the role of Christianity in the UK?  “For we can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth.” [ Romans 13:8]

One thought on “Is Britain a Christian Country?

  1. Dr. Philip Makama Dawuda says:

    I doff my hat for the PM. We should be proud to be associated with our Jesus Christ who gave us eternal life. Britain has its history strongly rooted in Christianity so why cant it boast of that proud history? If there are Islamic countries I see no reason why a country like Britain (which God used tremendously to spread the gospel throughout the world) cannot proudly say its a Christian nation

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