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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Schools should teach Britain is Christian country!

In last one week, the government of the UK has taken bold steps to free our schools from the shackles of humanist agenda. Our children ought to be taught the truth about their roots. “The Education Secretary has said that schools must teach that Britain is a mainly Christian country and should be free to […] Read More»

Sharia Law and Islamic Fundamentalism

With continuous religious crisis and persecution of Christians and other minorities in Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan it is worth looking at the role Sharia law plays in promoting Islamic fundamentalist and terrorism which is now a global phenomenon. This article was first posted on our old website in June 2012, but I have endeavoured to repost […] Read More»

Is Britain a Christian Country?

I believe that the Prime Minister David Cameron made a bold statement during his 2015 Christmas message by referring to Britain as a Christian country with values patterned after the life of Jesus Christ. It is heartening to know that some politicians can make such bold statements without any apologies or fear of offending people […] Read More»

Ban Sharia Courts in the UK: A Time Bomb

  Ban Sharia Law in the UK It is a welcome development to learn that “Nus Ghani, Wealden’s MP raised the issue with Home Secretary Theresa May and secured a review on Sharia during a Home Affairs Select Committee meeting last week as recent reports suggest there are around 30 operating in the UK.” A […] Read More»

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