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The youth wing of Glorious Ministries International is embarking on a project to educate, sensitise, deliver and empower the youth by looking at good role models.

Each month we would be looking at Bible characters, examining their strengths and weaknesses with the view to emulating their strength and learning from their mistakes.

To make it more exciting, we take each character and create a drama on the person’s life, sing songs and write poetry.

This month, we are looking at the life of Joseph from when he had a dream to his becoming the prime minister in Egypt. He is an example of impeccable character; he is patient, forgiving, honest, faithful, resilient, focused and reliable. He is also morally upright.

You are all invited to be a part of our life changing activities.


In line with our vision, we recently secured a year-long funding to run a youth project in the following areas.

• Life Skills.
• music.
• Creative Writing Sessions: Poetry, song writing, book writing, etc.
• Presentation skills.
• Photography.
• Crime awareness.


• To improve communication and presentation skills
• To improve music skills through learning musical instruments
• To enable learners to compose and sing songs
• To create awareness of and prevent youth crime
• To improve their creativity by harnessing their talents


• Sessions will provide a range of social, communication, coaching, presentation activities that many of our intended participants have never accessed before.
• Participants will be provided with an opportunity to develop their own skills, achieve a standard to be able to confidently engage in employment, training or education.
• We will provide activities that will increase confidence, social and practical skills and create opportunities to overcome barriers.

Days of Activity : Fridays: 6-8pm, Saturdays: 2-4pm


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