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Dear beloved

We give God praise for his faithfulness and mercies throughout
the year 2012. As our most valued partners and fellow labourers in the God’s
vineyard, we deem it fit to keep you posted about developments in the ministry on quarterly basis.

We began the year 2013 with a 21 day prayers and fasting. Although it is annual exercise, the Holy Spirit led us to pray all manners of prayers in a pattern we
have never done before, and the results are already visible, as testimonies of
miracles are pouring almost every week. The name of the Lord is glorified.

Liaison Officers

The Lord led us to dedicate liaisons officers in two cities in the UK namely Luton
and Leicester. As the liaison officers they will be the ministry representatives who
are responsible for the following: share the vision of the ministry with people and
raise awareness of the god work the ministry is doing in the UK , Pakistan, Nigeria, Philippines and other parts of the world, organise monthly prayer meeting with
three of more people to for the initial stage with a view to increasing in number.
Others include organise evangelism and out reaches as often as possible raise financial support for the ministry and explore the feasibility of Church planting: i.e.
plant a branch of Glorious Ministries International in these cities or the environs.

House Fellowships

Following the leading the Holy Spirit, we have recently inaugurated three house
cells in London. This is with a view to visiting, empowering and strengthening members at the cell level. These cells meet fortnightly to pray and study the word of God. Pray that leaders full of the Holy Spirit , and wisdom and of honest report will emerge and lead the cells and the ministry will grow astronomically as a result of
our obedience to His bidding.

The Church in Pakistan

The Church in Pakistan in growing everyday as the Lord is adding to them those
who are saved. Pastor Sahil and a team of three other pastors are doing a very
good job by the power of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for more anointing and grace
to keep the fire burning. Pray that we raise enough finances to carry out the much desired crusades in the city of Lahore, as it has been a monumental challenge to
send financial support every month and to plan for the crusade as well.


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