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Reports reaching GLOM MEDIA indicate that a rally that took place in Kafanchan on 19/12/2016 in Jema’a Local Government, Kaduna Sate Nigeria, by Christian youth under the auspices of SOKAPU, which was borne out of the following concerns, degenerated into a crisis.
• Reports from Gidan Gaya showed that over 200 armed Fulani herdsmen were seen parading the town which put the lives of people there at risk
• Fulani at Gidan Waya requested that only women should go to the farm to harvest their crops. From 13-17/12/2016 five women were raped on the farm by the herdsmen.
• On 16-17/12/2016, five women were killed by the herdsmen in Tachira and Makabun.
• The security measures put in place by the state government is yielding no fruit hence the reason for the peaceful protest.

“When it was concluded by the youths to carry a peaceful rally, we contacted the Area Commander notifying him of our intentions and reasons,” said one of the representatives. Having received approval, the youths copied all security outfits in Kafanchan as well as our Muslim counterparts. On 18/12/2016, the Muslim youths came up and told Christians youths not to embark on the rally without giving any any cogent reasons. The youths were not deterred by the antics of the Muslim youths.
The peaceful rally took place on the 19/12/2016 in company of the police. It was peaceful up until they reached the local government, where they presented their speech to the Local Government authorities. On their way back, on Ibadan Street and the Emirs Palace, the Muslim youths started hurling stones “at our youths, but the police repelled them.” In spite of this unprovoked attack by the Muslim youths, “We proceeded to L. E. A Primary school Katsit where we prayed and admonished our youths to be law abiding. While we were praying, the Muslim youth were already looting shops and burning them. So far even churches were burnt by them. This is what we know happened.”


You would recall that the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), in collaboration with Coalition of Professionals in Southern Kaduna, recently staged a peaceful protest in Gwantu, Sanga Local Government Area, over “incessant attacks by herdsmen.”
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that many communities in the area had come under attacks that claimed scores of lives. The attackers also destroyed crops and livestock in Ninte, Angwan-Ayu, Gad-Biyu and Angwan- Mada villages in Jema’a and Sanga Local Government Areas.
The protesters, who were led by SOKAPU President, Mr Solomon Musa, and the Chairman, Coalition of Professionals, Mr Mark Jacob, condemned the “systematic and continuous killings of innocent people” in the areas.
Musa, who spoke with NAN, said that the people took to the streets to appeal to people of good will and conscience to reach out to the authorities to tackle the security situation in the area.
“We want to tell the whole world that there has been enough blood shed here; we want everyone to know that harmless and armless people in Sanga and other parts of Southern Kaduna are being killed,” he said.

Musa  also called for a joint military operation to stem the tide of the killings as was done to other crises-ridden areas.He claimed that more than 50,000 people had either been killed or displaced from 24 villages since the first invasion that took place in 2011.“In 2014 alone, there were 30,000 refugees that fled from Sanga alone.”

Most recently, precisely on 11/12 14:56] ,Southern Kaduna Peoples’ Union (SOKAPU) issued a press statement expressing their dismay over the role of the State Government which is summarised in this report.
a. That the Fulani herdsmen and their cattle from across 14 countries in Africa were killed by Southern Kaduna people in the 2011 post-election in 2011 and “they organized themselves and came back to revenge”.
b. That his Government sent “ambassadors” across African countries to trace the Fulani killers “to tell them that there is a new governor who is Fulani like them and has no problem paying compensations for lives lost and he is ‘begging’ them to stop the killings.
c. That his Government acceded to monetary compensation request from the Fulani foreign terrorists and “we said no problem; we paid”.
d. That about two weeks ago his Government participated in an annual meeting the foreign terrorist held in Niger Republic.
e. That his Government knew about the root cause of killings by foreign terrorist Fulani’s since August, 2015.
f. In a volte face and somersault, the governor in the same media briefing turned round to say that the issue is “a pure case of banditry, they are criminals … what is happening in Southern Kaduna today… has roots in banditry, it has nothing to do with what has happened in the past to a large extent”. The Governor conveniently abandoned his thesis of reprisal to and turned to “criminality”.
g. That 99% of criminals arrested in Kaduna State for kidnapping, cattle rustling and armed robbery in Kaduna state are Fulani’s who now carry AK47 rifle “why is it only Fulani’s that are doing this, is that part of the culture of the Fulani’s, since when did they start carting AK47 rifles and so on”, he said.
h. The Governor conceded that “there is very weak law enforcement or uneven law enforcement,” as SOKAPU had always maintained but asserted again that “you can’t defend yourself if there is a Government …” while there is no security from Government the Governor maintains that Southern Kaduna has no right to defend itself against attackers but to submit meekly as sheep destined for slaughter.
i. That his Government is “deploying more security to the crisis-prone areas” even when SOKAPU insists that there is no security presence in Southern Kaduna or at worse, the security agencies as admitted by the governor are “weak”.
j. That “there are people that are sending a message, defend yourselves, we will get them; defend yourself is hate speech. You can’t defend yourself if there is a government. We are going to arrest and prosecute all those that pass that message… we know them and they are being monitored by the security agencies,” El-rufai said.

In view of this SOKAPU made the following recommendations
• A full disclosure of all the details of the “compensation” paid to Fulani terrorists as well as their identity for immediate arrest and prosecution
• Immediate arrest and prosecution of all the local accomplices of the foreign terrorists such as Haruna Usman; Abdullahi Hassan Mohd and Ahmed M. Yandeh.
• In view of the confessional Statement of Governor El-Rufai, we demand his immediate resignation because of his biased, crass and deliberate ineptitude in stopping the killings in Southern Kaduna.
• Finally, we encourage all our communities to take every available legal means of defending themselves, their property and dignity against anyone set to terrorize them”. We are ready for arrest and prosecution. El-Rufai should be ready to arrest SOKAPU EXCO and all Southern Kaduna citizens since he has a terrible bête noire, venom and hatred for the people of Southern Kaduna. COME AND ARREST US!”

The indigenous people of Southern Kaduna have been under incessant attacks by the Fulani Jihadist for decades because of their Christian faith, with the government doing little or nothing to defend them. The aim of the Jihadist is to fully implement Sharia Law through forceful conversion, enslavement or annihilation. Sadly, each time the people resort to self defence, which is their fundamental human right, they are labelled as the aggressors who must face the full wrath of the law, whilst the perpetrators of genocide are appeased, compensated, or even exonerated. THIS IS NOT FAIR! To is say the least, this is the highest level of nepotism, political recklessness and impunity.

Additional Report 21/12/ 2016

Our correspondent sent us this update.  “There is hardly a day that a southern Kaduna person is not killed in Southern Kaduna since May 2016. In the villages being attacked, there is no presence of any security agencies sent there at all. A report reaching us on  Sunday afternoon has it  that some Fulani herdsmen attacked  a community in Atakar land called Tachirak and killed 5 innocent civilians in cold blood. On that same day,  a Kaninkon man was shot by Fulani man on his leg. The affected man took cover under a rock. After a while, the Fulani came to see whether  the affected man was  dead. The Kaninkon man, having sighted his assailant  from a far distance, shot the Fulani man to death in self-defence . After a while, a rescue team came to assist the Kaninkon man from his village.  Unfortunately, shortly after that,  he passed on because of excessive bleeding he sustained from his wounds.”

From the is report, it is clear that the attacks are well coordinated and pre-meditated. They are far from being ethnic and sectarian as reported by government controlled media. The people are under siege: there is a deadly war being waged against defenceless people.  Will you be their voice? Or would rather look the other way or keep mute?


Please do not be just a sympathizer or a spectator, but be a participant. Do something to save the minority in Southern Kaduna whose fundamental rights of religion and association are being trampled upon with impunity. Their social, cultural, economic and religious lives are constantly threatened. Please pray, intercede, donate in cash or kind to the suffering people of southern Kaduna. You can also be involved in advocacy.
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