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In the 21st Century, one of the tasks of missionaries is to fulfil the Great
Commission by ensuring that people, nations, communities have the
privilege of reading the Bible in their tongues.

The Bible says that not onlythat every knee will bow but every tongue must
confess that Jesus is lord. Philippians 2: 10 & 11. Also in Rev 7the bible
records that apart from the 144,000 from the tribe of the children of Isreal
who would appear before the throne. “After these things I looked and behold
a multitude which no one could number of nations, tribes, people and tongue
standing before the throne and before the lamb, clothed with white robes,
with palm branches itchier hands crying with loud voices saying: salvation
belongs to our God who seats on the throne and the lamb”. Romans 10: 14 – 15.


The Lord gave me a vision in the early 1990’s to use the he has endowed me
to initiate a Bible Translation project (Gyong Bible Translation). After five years of persistant prayer and persuation, I was able to convince the people to see the
need to start a project.

By 1997 we had formed a committee, which was vested with the sole responsibilty
of sensitizing the people about the need to embark on a Bible Translation ptoject despite the enormity of the task and financial implication.

In 1998, the Lord opened doors through The International Bible Society who took
over the funding of the project.

This was God’s timely intervention to save me from despair and disillusionment;
for I was already getting frustrated and wondering if the vision would ever come
to true.

By the time I left Nigeria, we ( I together with a team of translators) had embarked
on translating a large portion of the New Testament.

The ministry is lead to extend the translatin to many such minority languages and communities such as Adara(Kadara) Kamanton, Gbagyi, Atyap(Kataf) and Ninkyop(Kaningkon).

Update on Gyong Bible Translation Project

All the chapters in in the New Testament, including Psalms and Proverbs, have
been translated and tested. However, in 2004, the project suffered a serious
setback having lost funding from Biblica (Formerly International Bible Society).

Glorious Ministries International (GLOM) has now taken the full responsibility of completing the task: sourcing funding, proofreading, testing and publishing and distributing the work. I am delighted to inform you that there is reasonable
progress on the Bible translation project. By His grace, we have been able to
edit the four gospels and Acts of Apostles, the epistles and part of the Revelation.
As you can see what was initially just a vision has become a reality and the plans
of Satan to silence and distort the work, have been destroyed.

You do not know what you are missing if you are not able to read the Bible in your language. Take for example the following scriptures in this Gyong:
“ Mo nyi mbo ri yas tsenya n gbyammana nga Kyuu Ranga ba ba n fa nyi; a
nyi mbo ri sho bidyerotti n Yerushalima, mo mgbom Yahuda, mo n Samariya,
mo n kikpyok ribekunga.”
[Khyes Bomanzo 1:8]

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be
my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
Acts 1:8

A new team of translators has been set up with a view to giving the project a
new lease of life and the push so that we can reach the finishing line. A new
committee was also inaugurated in May 2014 to plan a launching of the literacy
project, with a view to setting up literacy projects in many of the villages of the
target speakers Gong (Kagoma).

Please pray that we find funding for both the translation and literacy projects, as
we are led to start projects son in Kamanton, IKulu, Adara etc.

To support this project financially, please contact us via our contact page or to
donate, please go to the donate page.

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