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Schools should teach Britain is Christian country!

In last one week, the government of the UK has taken bold steps to free our schools from the shackles of humanist agenda. Our children ought to be taught the truth about their roots. “The Education Secretary has said that schools must teach that Britain is a mainly Christian country and should be free to prioritise religious teachings over atheism.”

Nicky Morgan was said to be speaking in order to clarify the rules, after the High Court found the Government had unlawfully excluded non-religious views from the curriculum.

Nicky Morgan appears to have been concerned that humanists were using the court ruling to pressure schools into giving non-religious views more prominence:”This Government is determined to protect schools’ freedom to set their own religious studies curriculum, in line with the wishes of parents and the local community.

For decades, children in Britain have been confused by humanist agenda by taking God out of our schools. Schools in Britain should be free to teach about creation and nativity stories fro example. No one is saying that comparative religion is out of place in our school curriculum, but it is tantamount to deceit not to emphasise the main religion, which is Christianity.

Children gravitate a lot towards the nativity story about the birth of Jesus, as well as the death and resurrection of Christ. There are a lot of Bible stories that they can relate to, especially  the challenges young people are faced with in contemporary times. There a lot of young characters in the Bible that can be role models and themes that can be used  to train our young people to live godly and charitable lives instead of driving humanist agenda of reducing age of consent, declassifying drugs, teaching young children about sex etc.

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  1. joel says:

    Yes I agree

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