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Paramount on our mind is a strategic mission outreach to Adara people. The vision came about while I was studying at University of London. It was a clarion call to reach the people through crusades, Bible translation, education and social welfare services.

While on a field trip to Nigeria, I had an opportunity to preach in the Chapel of Revival, Kaduna State College of Education.

The theme of sermon was on divine destiny. In the course of the sermon, it dawned on me to share the vision about Kadara. Unknown to me, a missionary to Kadara, who was a part-time student, Bose,
was in the congregation.

The service was over and I had retired to my house to rest and plan for the next day’s field trip, when I heard a knock on my door. Low and behold, it was Bose.






Adara mission is not only about the spiritual well-being of the people of Kadara, but we are also concerned about their education, health and social well-being. From the road leading to Idon Rafi village, like most of the villages in interior of Adara, to the classrooms it is clear that it takes a truly called missionary to sacrifice the comfort of urban life.


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