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Our main thrust is to restore an apostolic and prophetic end time
ministry in order to fulfil the calling and destiny of God in individuals
and the body of Christ at large as the “… end of all things is at hand
therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers.”1st Peter 3:7,
Ephesians 2:20. We believe and enjoin people to walk in the prophetic
1st Cor 14:1.

We embark on a well-coordinated training and prayer programme to
raise awareness on intercessory prayer, the watchman ministry, chain
prayer, spiritual warfare, prayer alerts and 24-hour prayer services to
deal with emergencies. These actions are preceded by comprehensive
spiritual mappings.

We also visit hospitals and homes to minister healing to the sick and
prophesy to their dry bones. Night vigils are organised as directed by the
Holy Spirit to meet the spiritual needs of people , ensure open heaven,
breakthroughs and dislodge the activities of the devil.

Crusades are organised to carry out aggressive evangelistic outreaches,
these are carried out in cities, towns, villages and at family levels, to
evangelise, carry out deliverances and healings of all forms of demonic
oppressions and strongholds in collaboration with local churches and
ministries, thus fulfilling the Mark 16: 15-18. We also literally embark on
door-to-door evangelism. We believe in empowering individuals to fulfil
their destiny.

Other aspects of our vision and calling include missions and Bible
translations, media and publication, widows and youth ministry. We
liaise with missionary organisations, ministries and churches to reach
communities that need the gospel most. To this end we see Bible
translation as a means of reaching the people.

We are also committed to transforming the lives of widows and orphans
by alleviating their sufferings through spiritual, financial and educational
support. We shall do everything as the Lord enables us to protect them
from exploitation of any sort.

Paramount to our vision is to reach youths and snatch them from satanic
strongholds of drugs, guns crime, alcohol and sexual immorality.

Led by Dr Joseph Kyari, a minister of God whose passion is to reach unto
nations, communities, families and individuals, by enabling them to realise
their God’s given potentials and fulfilling their destinies. He is particularly
concerned about restoring true prophetic and apostolic gifting and ministry.

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